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Nowadays, more and more homeowners are shifting from asphalt shingles roofs to metal ones. And that is because they have so many advantages. To begin with, they are strong and durable. Also, they are made from different metals for instance aluminum which is lightweight and weather resistant. Galvanized steel, which because of the zinc coating takes time before they rust, among others. This way homeowners are not limited to one option. They also come in different attractive styles. They could be the panel shapes which is the most common, the shingles and shakes. And lastly, they are in different colors which allow homeowners to match their roofs with the environment.

If you are thinking of installing a new roof or replacing an old one, metal roofs are what you should go for. And for installation services don’t trust anybody else but us. Here at Roofer Waco, we are the leading experts in all things to do with roofing here at Waco area. We are determined to leave a smile on each and every one of our customers. And we will be happy to help. We care about our clients that is why we would like them to have the best roofs there are and we think metal roofs are the best choice. But because you need to make an informed decision about this kind of roofing, here is some useful information to guide you.

What are the benefits of having a Metal Roof

metal roofing benefits

To be honest we all love to save. And nobody wants a roof that will get worn out after just a short time of service. While the other roofs lifespan is 20 years these roofs exceed that and can do up to 70 years depending on the maintenance of course. The materials used in making these roofs are stronger thereby giving them the ability to withstand harsh conditions for a long period of time.

Maintenance cost is low

For asphalt roofs, you need to do repairs every now and then because they are damaged easily by weather conditions. However, the alternative is able to resist these conditions and remain in shape for a long time without needing repairs. Your only job will be to clean them regularly to remove debris.


These roofs come in different colors and sizes to match any surrounding environment. Not to mention you can customize your roof by adding different accessories to suit your preference. For example, you can you can add the color matched trims that match with the colors of your home.

Save Energy

They save energy by reflecting the solar radiant heat. This reduces the cooling cost by a significant percentage. Also, proper installation helps save some energy in colder climates.

Environmental Friendly

We know that you care about your environment that is why we advise that you install this kind of roof. Depending on the material used they are more than 20% of their total content recycled. But even after their lifespan is over they can still be 100% recycled. Compared to asphalt shingles which after they tear the waste cannot be recycled, metal roofs are environmentally friendly.


You would love to keep your loved ones safe from all kinds of things that may harm them. And these roofs could help you do that. They are noncombustible meaning during infernos they will not ignite into flames.

Types of Metal Roofs

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There are a variety of options you may want install your metal roofs. This includes;

The R panel

In this style of roofing, shingles are made to appear as if they are overlapping. An extra lip is added to the edge that provides overlapping between panels. Compared to conventional roofing this type is durable and also requires a small maintenance cost. However, you will be forced to paint them to prevent rusting.

Corrugated roofs

They are the oldest kind and you will mostly see them in residential buildings. The material used in these type of roofs is mainly galvanized iron or steel. This makes the roof durable, lightweight and perfect for all your construction choices. Homeowners can combine them with skylight panels because their structures resemble.

Architectural Standing Seam

The metal panel is supported by a structural substrate in this kind of roof. They have a tight seal to prevent any leaks and also they are able to protect you from all kinds of weather conditions.

Metal Roofing Installation


Do not rush to buy roofing materials before measuring the size of your roof. The roof area is measured in square meters and measured from the top so that the results are absolutely accurate. Roofing experts’ advice that you add a lit bit of allowance just in case there were errors during the measuring.


Now you know the size of your roof area, it’s time that you get to purchase the material. Before that do some research on the company you want to purchase from and the type of material that you want to purchase. Also, settle on the color and design before making your order. Remember most sellers have uniform panels should you want particular panels in terms of size and color, then you can order in advance but it will be a little costly.

Don’t forget the insulation

Insulation helps you save energy and also prevents damages caused by water leaks in your house. If you live in an area with harsh weather conditions it is very crucial that you add insulation to your roof.

The installation

You have the materials now, time to get your hands busy. Here is a step by step guide on how you can install your metal roof.

Start with the eave flashing

The eave flashing makes your roof beautiful as it covers your roof all round. Use 1/4 Inc Nails to careful fix the eave flashing.

Fix the metal panels

Roofs panels are fixed on the sheathing. Using screws, Begin with the roof parts that have the longest straight line. Remember to fix from the peak to the eave and be as careful as you can to ensure alignment. Don’t forget to leave a space of about 2 inches from one screw to the next. Also, just tighten the fasteners just enough for that there is no room for the rubber grommet to snap off which may cause leaks if it does.

Check to confirm that you have covered all the edges of the roof by the roofing panels and that the panels overlap for 1 inch of the total length of the roof. If there is need, you can make a watertight seal by applying silicone sealant on the panels.

Install the Flashing to the roof joints

To protect your roof from rain, you should add the flashing to the roof joints. Specially fix them where the metal panels meet.

Counter check

A badly fixed roof can cause problems, therefore, you should check to ensure that everything is in order. Ensure that edges are smooth and all panels have been properly fastened.

Metal roofs beat the other roofs by far. And you can easily install them yourself without the help of a roofing contractor. However, if things get complicated don’t hesitate to give us a call. We will work to ensure that your roof is properly installed to protect you from any weather.

Metal Roofing Supplies

If you are looking for supplies, there are several locations in the Dallas Fort Worth area that you can purchase supplies from. Here is a list of locations that can you check out:
McElroy Metal
Quality Metals
American Building Components

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