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Your roof protects you from rain, snow, heat, and wind. It gets exposed to harsh weather conditions every day, which contribute to damaging your roof. A poorly maintained roof also increases the chances of it getting worn out quickly. When your roof is damaged, it also affects other areas of your home. Often, people ignore their roofs and wait until major issues arise before contacting a contractor to fix or look at their roof. Many roofs could survive many years but because they are usually overlooked, their lifespan is shortened. Proper maintenance, regular inspections, and repair can make your roof last up to more than 20 years.

Who to reach out to when you have a problem?

Do you have any kind of problem that needs professional assistance? Contact us today at Roofer Waco. Whether it’s your residential house or a commercial building, you can be sure that we will leave you more than happy. We take roofing as a big investment and that is why we only employ the best and well-trained roofers. Our experts have been in the industry for quite a long time so if it’s experience you are looking for, rest assured we have it. Reach us and let’s turn your goals into reality.

Advantages of Roof Maintenance

Roof maintenance Waco TX

Increases lifespan
Your roof is constantly enduring harsh weather conditions like storms and hail. If you live in Waco area you are probably aware of the strong thunderstorms that carry along all sort of debris and wind. Yet your roof still goes through all this to protect you and your loved ones. Therefore, the least you can do is to constantly repair and restore it. But how often should you do a roof restoration? That depends on certain factors such as age and the extent of the damage. However, since it is not easy to see damage from below you will need to call a roof expert in to inspect your roof. Remember even when the damage is small, it’s better to fix it early because as it increases it will lead to serious problems that would not be fixed without a roof replacement. If you suspect that your roof might be damaged because of the severe storms, give us a call to inspect it and if we find any problem we will give you a free estimate of the total cost.

You are not completely protected by your warranty
All roofs come with a warranty. And many homeowners have totally ignored their roofs because of this reason. But whenever you need a repair or a restoration, don’t think it will come that easily without some questions to determine whether or not you are eligible for the service. Most of these warranties only work if the damage was caused by something innocent such us when installing a rooftop dish. You should, therefore, take care of your roof. In fact, for your warranty to stay active, we suggest that you occasionally call for a roof professional to inspect your roof after harsh weather conditions.

House Value
There is nothing that increases the value of a house more than a well-maintained roof. People often forget that the outside of the house should look good just as good as the inside. Potential buyers will first look at your roof before anything else, and you can be sure no one will buy a house with an old worn out roof. Always strive to make your roof look newer and in a well-maintained condition.

Saves you energy
A well-maintained roof ensures that during summer, no extra hot air is coming in and during winter no warm air is going out. This way, your air conditioning and heating does not go to waste and energy costs are significantly reduced.

Health concerns
Mold and mildew may be growing on or in your roof without your knowledge. These fungi bring about nothing good and they are the root cause of respiratory diseases. If you are not constantly looking over your roof, you may be compromising your loved ones’ as well as your health. If your roof does need to be repaired, always have it inspected to determine if there is the presence of mold and mildew before they spread.

Weather Protection
Your roof will remain functional if it’s in good condition. But a poorly maintained roof allows leaks, cold air, and rain from storms to enter into your house. This can cause more damages to the other parts of your house. Since your roof protects you from harsh conditions, you should return the favor by taking care if it.

Maintenance Tips for Your Roof

If you know or learn about proper roof maintenance safety, you can take care of your roof on your own. For smaller issues, you don’t need to hire anyone to do the job for you. You just need to learn about the basic tips and tricks to ensure that your roof lasts as long as it can. And here they are.

Clean the gutters
Leaves, shingles, branches and other types of debris accumulates in your gutters. When they pile up they lead to clogged gutters, which could cost you more money to fix this problem. You can avoid that if you clean your gutters every now and then. Most people prefer to do the cleaning after the fall season but that shouldn’t limit you. Whenever you can, check to remove any debris in your gutters.

Check your shingles
Shingles are the major part of the roof and they ensure that they keep the system dry. A large number of missing shingles, cracked, or curling shingles can indicate that there is a problem with your roof and urgent repairs ought to be done. Shingles are damaged by weather conditions and things like tree limbs scraping over them. To protect them, keep the tree trimmed away from the roof so that leaves or branches do not accumulate on the flat part of the roof.

Remove Moss From Your Roof
Moss and algae can be a serious problem if left unattended. Regularly check up to see if there is any presence of moss and algae on your shingles and get rid of them. You can remove moss by using products with potassium salts and fatty acids. Or you can just apply soap to the area that the moss is growing but try to keep the wash water from getting into the drain.

Roof replacement is expensive and homeowners should properly take care of their roofs to increase its lifespan. Having your roof inspected regularly by a professional can also help in maintaining it. We at Roofer Waco are determined to ensure that your roof remains functional and attractive. Feel free to give us a call!

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